Fluke 1746/B/EUS Three-Phase Semi-Fixed Basic Power Quality Logger (No Probes)

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    Fluke 1746/B/EUS Three-Phase Semi-Fixed Basic Power Quality Logger (No Probes)Powerpro company Limited is the distributor, supplier and service provider of ( Test Equipment Product Sales, Test Equipment Calibration, Test Equipment Rentals and Product Training) in Nigeria. Fluke 1746/B/EUS Three-Phase Semi-Fixed Basic Power Quality Logger (No Probes) The Fluke 1746BEUS Three-Phase...

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    Fluke 1746/B/EUS Three-Phase Semi-Fixed Basic Power Quality Logger (No Probes)

    Powerpro company Limited is the distributor, supplier and service provider of ( Test Equipment Product Sales, Test Equipment Calibration, Test Equipment Rentals and Product Training) in Nigeria.

    Fluke 1746/B/EUS Three-Phase Semi-Fixed Basic Power Quality Logger (No Probes)

    The Fluke 1746BEUS Three-Phase Semi-Fixed Basic Power Quality Logger (No Probes) gives you fast, easy access to the data you need to make critical power quality and energy decisions in real-time. Compact and rugged, the Fluke 1746/B/EUS was designed specifically for technicians and engineers who need the flexibility to troubleshoot, quantify energy usage and analyze power distribution systems. Fully compliant with international power quality standards such as IEC 61000-4-30 and capable of simultaneously logging up to 500 parameters while also capturing events, the Fluke 1746/B/EUS helps to uncover intermittent and hard-to-find power quality issues more easily than ever. The included Energy Analyze plus software quickly assesses the quality of power at the service entrance, substation, or at the load, according to national and international standards like EN 50160 and IEEE 519.

    An optimized user interface and an intelligent measurement verification function that allows you to digitally verify and correct connections make setup easier than ever and reduce measurement uncertainty. Minimize your time in potentially hazardous environments and reduce the hassle of suiting up in PPE by using a wireless connection (WiFi) to view data directly in the field.

    For basic power quality logging, the Fluke 1746 captures all relevant power parameters for performing energy saving studies and electrical network planning with a full upgrade option to 1748 available.

    Energy Analyze Plus Software Features

      Simple "In-workshop" or "in-the-field" setup and download through PC application software, using USB memory stick, WiFi download, wired ethernet connection or via USB cable
      Download and analyze every measured detail of energy consumption and power quality state-of-health with automated reporting
      One touch reporting creates allows you to create standardized reports according to commonly used standards like EN 50160, IEEE 519, GOST 33073 or export data in PQDIF or NeQual compatible format for use with third party software
      Advanced analysis allows you to choose any available logged parameter to create a highly customized view of logged measurements for advanced correlation of data

    Advanced Data Communication and Software

    View real-time measurements wirelessly from outside the panel or from your office using the included Fluke Energy Analyze plus software. Download logged files directly to a USB flash drive that plugs directly into the USB port of the instrument or by wired or WiFi connection to your PC. The export function of Energy Analyze plus enables export of one or more logged values with a simple parameter selector.

    Analysis and Reporting

    Capturing logged data is just one part of the task. Once you have the data, you need to create useful information and reports that can be easily shared and understood by your organization or customers. Fluke Energy Analyze plus software makes that task as simple as possible. With powerful analysis tools and the ability to create customized reports in minutes you’ll be able to communicate your findings and quickly solve problems so you can optimize system reliability and savings. A range of built-in report templates for industry standards such as EN 50160, IEEE 519 and GOST enable one-click reporting so you can create high quality reports at the touch of a button. Reports can be modified as standards evolve, or new versions become available.

    An innovative tangle-free, flat, voltage lead makes connection simple and reliable. The instrument's intelligent 'Verify Connection' feature which can be accessed using the PC Setup application automatically checks to make sure the instrument is connected correctly and can digitally correct connections without having to disconnect measurement leads. In the event of a connection error, the power button on the unit will turn from green to amber indicating that the connections should be verified before proceeding. The loggers can also be conveniently and safely powered directly from the measured circuit (up to 500V) - no more searching for power outlets or having to run multiple extension cords to the logging location, which is especially useful when logging at a remote site and when installing inside of electrical panels.

    Rugged and Reliable

    The Fluke 1746/B/EUS was built to withstand tough working environments. The optional IP65 voltage adapter ensures safe, reliable operation even in harsh conditions. Standard 2m (6.6 ft) leads simplify connections on difficult to access conductors, and optional 5m (16.5 ft) leads are useful when installing in difficult locations. With the capability of powering the instruments from the power line up to 500V, installation is as simple as can be.

    Thoughtful Design

    Fluke prides itself on thoughtful design, which is why the 1746/B/EUS includes simple but effective accessories like the MA-C8 adapter, making powering the instrument with a line cord easy when not in the field. Ports that are not always needed in the field are IP65 protected, including the Ethernet, USB, AUX and I/O ports, protecting for both moisture and dirt ingress. The status LEDs give a quick and clear indication of what the instrument is doing without having to touch any controls. Its compact size means that it will fit into most available spaces without any problem.

    Product Features:

    • Functions: Voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency; Energy forward/reverse; Peak Demand; THD; Voltage and current harmonics (to 50th); Flicker; Unbalance; Rapid voltage change events; Interharmonics (to 50th); Dips, swells, interruption and transient events tables; Mains signaling; Inrush current
    • Recording: Trend
    • Communication: Ethernet; USB (mini B); WiFi download Instrument to device
    • Measure all three voltage and current phases plus neutral current
    • More than 20 separate logging sessions can be stored in logger
    • Comprehensive range of power and power quality variables automatically logged so you never lose measurement trends
    • Meets rigorous IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 3 standard for testing and measurement techniques and power quality measurement methods
    • Captures dips, swells and interruptions
    • Measures harmonics and interharmonics (for voltage and current), unbalance, flicker and rapid voltage changes
    • Capture right data every time with quick, guided, graphical PC based application setup
    • Reduce uncertainty about your connections with intelligent verification feature
    • Auto-correction function automatically indicates connection errors via an amber light on unit's power button, which turns green once corrected
    • Powers directly from measured circuit with widest available range for power quality logger, automatically going from 100V to 500V or from a wall line cord, so you can test anywhere
    • Designed to withstand harsh installation environments with IP65 rating when used with IP65 voltage input adapter
    • Two external USB ports, one for PC connection and another for quick, simple data download to standard USB thumb drives (or other USB devices), allowing you to leave the measurement device in place without disrupting logging
    • Ethernet connectivity means wired and wireless connections for instrument setup and highspeed data download
    • Compact size designed to fit in tight spaces and panels with small 23cm x 18cm x 5.4cm (9.1 in. x 7.1 in. x 2.1 in.) footprint
    • Safety rating: 600V CAT IV/1000V CAT III for use at service entrance and downstream
    • Unique, tangle-free flat voltage cable and thin flexible current probe (optional) ensure easy installation, even in tight spaces
    • Four-hour operating time (backup time) per charge on lithium-ion battery to withstand temporary power disruptions
    • Safeguard from theft with standard chain or other security devices


    • Utility to load engineers
    • Industrial plant electrical engineers
    • Electric utility technicians
    • Utility project engineers
    • Senior utility engineers
    • Industrial electrical technicians
    • Facility electricians and technicians

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