Where We Operate

Where We Operate

PowerPro is proud to extend its reach throughout West Africa, offering unparalleled sales and support for Test, Measurement, Energy Management, Asset Maintenance, Industrial Automation, Personal and Plant safety solutions from leading manufacturers to clients across diverse industries. Our expertise spans various sectors, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Our Focus Industries Include:

  1. Power Generation:

   - Scope: From traditional thermal power plants to hydro and renewable sites, PowerPro delivers products and services that bolster the efficient operation of generation assets. We have OEM partners tailored to support the generating sectors ranging from Fluke IG, FRS, GE, Weidmuller, Rockwell and ABB.

   - Offerings: Our solutions cater to the unique requirements of power generation across all types, promoting reliability and optimal performance.

  1. Transmission:

   - Scope:PowerPro provides application engineering and complete solutions for power system and substation monitoring.

   - Expertise: We excel in regulatory reporting and electrical asset optimization, ensuring seamless transmission operations.

  1. Distribution:

   - Scope: Our network, substation, and individual asset solutions facilitate performance and operational improvements in the evolving electrical distribution landscape.

   - Adaptability: PowerPro tailors its offerings to address the changing dynamics of electrical distribution, empowering clients with advanced solutions.

  1. EPC Contractors:

   - Scope: PowerPro supports EPC contractors with the essential test equipment required for the commissioning of new power plants, facility upgrades, and power system studies.

   - Partnership: We understand the critical role EPC contractors play in project execution and offer reliable solutions to enhance their efficiency.

  1. Oil & Gas:

   - Scope:PowerPro specializes in providing test equipment for electrical asset management and reliability testing of critical assets both Offshore and Onshore in the Oil & Gas sector.

   - Precision: Our solutions contribute to the safety and reliability of electrical assets in the demanding environment of the Oil & Gas industry.

  1. Industrial:

   - Applications: In demanding industrial applications such as Food & Beverage , Manufacturing , Packaging, PowerPro offers test equipment aimed at ensuring the reliability and return on investment for electrical assets, mechanical processes, and thermal/electrical insulation.

   - Performance Assurance: We focus on solutions that guarantee the operational integrity of industrial assets, ensuring continuous productivity.