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 At PowerPro, we offer Calibration services. We know what it means to have your test Instruments serviced and calibrated. That’s why we offer ISO/IEC 17025 traceable calibration service that ensures your equipment continues to perform with long term accuracy and measurement excellence!

We provide 180 days warranty on all our calibration services in our facility or onsite. Furthermore, all calibration certificates are available online through the POWERPRO Indysoft management system.

Using our ISO/IEC 17025 traceable procedures we calibrate equipment for quality, reliability safety, and cost.

Any other calibration service requirements you have can be managed through sub-contract partnerships with other calibration laboratories.


  • ELECTRICAL TESTERS: Our ISO17025 traceable procedures covers bench type equipment such as counter timers, long scale multimeters, oscilloscopes and power supplies. Other typical tools include: High voltage testers(HIPOT), Insulation resistance testers, Ground bond testers, Leakage current testers, Strip and chart recorders, Power harmonics analyzers, Data Logger, Earth resistance testers, Ammeter, Milli-Amp Source, Multi-Meter, Installation Tester, Voltmeter, Milli-Volt Pot Source, Ohm Meter, Watt meters, Panel meters, Graphical multimeters, Multi-function Tester, Loop Tester, Amplifier electrical calibration Attenuator, Counter Timer, Coupler, Coupling Unit, Crimp Tool and Testing, Current Standard, Decade Box, Differential Probe EMC Test Equipment, Filter, Flash Tester, Frequency Counter, Frequency Generator, Holiday Detector, LCR Meter, Low Ohm Meter Multi-function Tester(MFT), Microwave Counter Network Analyser Optical Detector, PAT Tester, Pre-Selector, Phase Indicator, Power Meter, Power Splitter, Power Supply, Pulse Generator, Rate of Fire Monitor, RCD Tester, RF Equipment, Selective Voltmeter, Shunt, Signal Analyser, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser, Sky Screen, Stop Watch, Tachometer, Temperature Simulator, Termination/Load Tester, Calibration Check Box, Flash Tester, fluke multimeter, Timer, Transient Limiter, Velocity Computer, Voltage Standard.


  • Calibration Services we offer Flow meter calibrations, torque wrench calibration, light meter calibration, tool calibration, radiometer calibration, meter calibration, fluke calibration, clamp meter calibration, voltmeter calibration, anemometer calibration, calibration services, pressure calibration services, instrument calibration services.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) include: Fluke, Advantest, Agilent, Anritsu, Avo, Bird, Bruel and Kjaer, Chauvin Arnoux, Clare, Datron, Dranetz, Exfo, Farnell, Gigatronics, Gould, Heme, Hewlett Packard, Iso-tech, Keithly, Kewtech, Kyoritsu, Lecroy, Marconi, Martindale, Megger, Metrohm, Motorola, Philips, Racal-Dana, Radiodetection, Robin, Rohde and Schwarz, Seaward, Sullivan, Tektronix, Time Electronics, Tinsley, Wavetek, Yew, Yokogawa.
  • DIMENSIONAL EQUIPMENT: We provide calibration for Clinometer, Depth Micrometer, Dial Gauge, External Micrometer, Feeler Gauge, Gauge Block, Height Gauge, Screw Plug Gauge, Screw Ring Gauge, Jig and Fixture, Length Setting Rod, Paint Thickness Foil, Parallel, Plain Gap Gauge, Plain Plug or Roller, Plain Ring Gauge, Protractor, Screw Caliper, Setting Master, Sine Bar or Table, Sphere (Precision Ball or Balls or CMM Setting Ball), Square, Straight Edge, Surface Table, Thread Cylinder, Thread Vee Setting Jaw (for Metro scope), Vee Block, Vernier Caliper etc.Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) include: Bowers, Brown and Sharp, Coventry Gauge, Johansson, Matrix, Mercer, Mitutoyo, Moore and Wright, Rabone, Rank Taylor Hobson, Renishaw, Roebuck, Sigma, SIP Verdict, Yorkshire Precision Gauges, Zeiss, Zodiac.
  • FORCE & WEIGHT EQUIPMENT: We also calibrate devices such as Cable Tension Gauge, Load Cell, Load Washer, Push/Pull Gauge, Spring Balance, Door Closure Gauge, Force Gauge, Gram Gauge, Balance / Scales, Bottle Jack, Guillotine Clamp Spring Gauge, Statimeter, Dead Weight Tester Weights, Single Weights, Weight Sets.
    Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) include: Avery, Chatillon, Correx, Halda, Kistler, Mechmesin, Ohaus, Precisa, Sartorious, Statimeter, TWL, Verdict etc.
  • PRESSURE & VACUUM EQUIPMENT: We calibrate pressure and vacuum equipments such as Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge, Combination Pressure and Vacuum Gauge, Digiquartz Transducer, DPI, Magnehelic Gauge, Manometer (Differential Pressure), Micromanometer, Oxygen Gauge, Pressure Calibrator, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, Pressure Sensor (mA or mV Output), Pressure Sensor (Frequency Output), Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor, Sphygmomanometer (Blood Pressure Monitor), Quartz Pressure Sensor, Tourmaline Pressure Sensor, Vacuum Gauge. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) include: Beamex, Budenberg, DH Instruments, Digitron, Druck, Dwyer, Edwards, Eurotron, Fuji, Furness Controlls, GE, Heise, Kiag, Kistler, Leo, Mensor, Parascientific Digiquartz, Ruska etc.
  • TEMPERATURE EQUIPMENT: These include Dial Thermometer, Digital Thermometer Readout, Dry Block Calibrator, Thermometer, PRT, RTD, Ear Thermometer, Hot Block, Infrared Thermometer Calibration, Oven, Platinum Soldering Iron, Temperature Probe, Temperature Chart Recorder, Temperature Sensor, Thermal Imager, Thermocouple, Oven, Soldering Iron, Temperature Controller, and Thermocouple.
    Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) include: Fluke, Hart, Omega, Omron, Ametek, Braun, Comark, Cropico, Digitron, Druck, Eurotherm, Flir, Isotech, Jofra, Land, Raytek, Testo etc.
  • TORQUE EQUIPMENT: We calibrate torque equipments such as Closure Meter, Torque Analyser, Clock, Meter, Screwdriver, Watch or Wrench, Torque Tool.
    Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) include: Acratork, Britool, Cran, Mechmesin, Norbar, Snap-on, Sturtevant, Toro, etc.
  • FLOW EQUIPMENT: We provide calibration for gas flow meters and controllers over a wide range of flow.
    With our modern Calibration facility from Fluke, PowerPro is the affordable, fast and reliable way to ensure your test equipment and tools are calibrated to traceable ISO/IEC 17025 standards.
  • OTHERS: fluke calibration tracking software, fluke metcal, met/cal plus, metteam calibration software, fluke calibration, oscilloscope calibrator, multifunction process calibrator, fluke borescope, True RMS Multimeter, True RMS Industrial Logging Multimeter, Fluke Electrician multimeter Combo kit, Remote Display TRMS Clamp Meter

Our Calibration Service Advantage

  • Compliant & Traceable calibration with data
  • Save the time and costs associated with unplanned downtime
  • Reduced turnaround time of calibration
  • Access to personalized online and downloadable calibration certificate
  • Free pickup and delivery for locations within Lagos
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