General Manager

As the General Manager of PowerPro Company, I wanted to take a moment to provide you all with an update on our current operations and some important developments within the company.
Firstly, I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for your hard work, dedication, and resilience, especially during these challenging times. Your commitment to excellence is what drives our company forward, and I am continually impressed by the passion and ingenuity displayed by our team. I am pleased to announce that despite the obstacles we have faced, PowerPro Company has continued to thrive and grow. Our recent projects have been met with great success, and our reputation for delivering high-quality products and services remains unmatched in the industry.
I am confident that with our collective efforts and unwavering determination, we will overcome any challenges that may lie ahead and emerge even stronger than before. Together, we will continue to lead the way in powering the future.

Our Team

Why people work with us

People choose to work with us because we offer an environment where innovation thrives, collaboration is valued, impactful work is celebrated, growth is encouraged, and respect is paramount.

Kayode Francis OYELEKE

Assistant General Manager Channels  

Comfort (Chukwu) Adelerin

Assistant General Manager Sales 

Margret Amachaghi

Human Resources/ communication Manager

Elizabeth Uno

Operations Manager

Engr Azzez Badmus 

Technical Service Manager

Nneka Chiemezi-Anjoje


Chinyemugo Adewale Maikuɗi


Chinyemugo Adewale Maikuɗi


Chinyemugo Adewale Maikuɗi