Fluke 1664FC DMS UK FC Installation Tester w/insulation pre-test DMS/UK

Fluke 1664FC DMS UK FC Installation Tester w/insulation pre-test DMS/UK

Vendor: Fluke

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The Fluke 1664FC Multifunction Installation Tester with Fluke Connect Compatibility and EU/Schuko Power Cord is the only installation tester that protects connected appliances from damage during insulation tests, and allows you to share your test results wirelessly by smartphone with coworkers or customers. Fluke's Insulation PreTest stops you from performing tests with appliances that are connected to the system during test. This helps eliminate accidental damage and keeps your customers happy.

In addition, the Fluke 1664 FC offers you the power of Fluke Connect. Now you can send test results straight from your tester to your smartphone, and transmit those results to other members of your team. You can get feedback, suggestions and answers to your questions.

You can also save your test results to Fluke Cloud storage. No more writing down data on paper with the possibility of transcription errors. Cloud storage gives you a fast, secure and accurate way to store all of your tests and create test certificates with Fluke DMS.

Note: Model 1664 FC includes a European power cord, only; for a US plug, please see Model 166X-MTC-NA.



Product Features:

  • Note: European power cord included; for US model, see Model 1664 FC
  • Quickly and efficiently test to all local regulations
  • Protect appliances that may be inadvertently connected to system under test
  • Easy to share test results over smartphone/smart device
  • Perform 8 key tests with one button, reducing test time by up to 40%
  • Continuity at L-N, N-PE inputs
  • Fluke Connect compatibility
  • ShareLive calling
  • FlukeCloud Storage: Retrieve stored results from anywhere
  • On/Off switchable auto-start for RCD and looptest
  • Primary Channels: Electrical, maintenance, process, industrial (no restrictions)
  • Faster, easier testing with Auto Test feature

Fluke Connect Mobile App

  • AutoRecord measurements: Take measurements automatically and instantly save them to your phone; wirelessly save measurements to Fluke Cloud and add text or audio annotations
  • TrendIt graphs: Trend measurements from a single session in a time series graph
  • ShareLive video call: View live tool measurements, video and audio to collaborate in real time with your entire team, without leaving the field
  • Fluke Cloud storage: Securely store up to 5 GB of data securely, per user
  • Reports: Create reports with accurate and traceable maintenance data

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