FlukemDA-550motor Drive Analyzer 550, 4-channel color, PRO

FlukemDA-550motor Drive Analyzer 550, 4-channel color, PRO

Vendor: Fluke

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  • Measures inverter output voltage, DC bus voltage and ripple voltage, harmonics, unbalance
  • Three powerful test tools in one: Motor-drive analyzer, waveform analyzer and recording data logger all in one
  • Four input channels for voltage and current signals
  • Measure key motor-drive parameters including
    • Voltage, current, DC Bus voltage level and AC ripple, voltage and current unbalance and voltage modulation
    • Additionally, the MDA-550 measures: harmonics, and motor shaft voltage discharges and is supplied with accessories for those measurements
    • The MDA-550 also performs perform extended harmonics measurements to identify the effects of low and high order harmonics on your electrical power system.
  • Conduct guided measurements for motor-drive input, DC bus, drive output, motor input and shaft measurements (MDA-550) with graphical step-by-step voltage and current connection diagrams.
  • Use simplified measurement setup with preset measurement profiles to automatically trigger data collection based on the chosen test procedure.
  • Create reports quickly and easily that are perfect for docu¬menting troubleshooting and collaborative work with others.
  • Measure additional electrical parameters with full 500 MHz oscilloscope, meter and recording capability for complete range of electrical and electronic measurement on industrial systems.
  • Includes USB A, and USB mini B connectivity

Each Kit Includes

  • 1x BP 291 li-ion battery pack
  • 1x BC190 charger/power adapter
  • 3x VPS 100:1 high voltage probes with alligator clips
  • 1x VPS410-II-R 10:1 500MHz voltage probe
  • 1x i400s ac current clamp
  • 1x C1740 carrying case
  • 1x 2 GB USB drive with manuals
  • FlukeView™ 2 software
  • 1x SVS-500 shaft voltage set (3x brush, probe holder, two-piece extension rod and magnetic base)
  • additional 2x i400s ac current clamps

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