Thermography Audit & Testing in nigeria

Thermal imaging cameras have many uses in industrial applications. They are powerful, non-invasive tools that can be used to monitor and diagnose problems a variety of systems. Any system that generates heat can be observed with the camera and fluctuations in that heat can indicate potential problems such as loss of energy, a damaged component or areas in need of maintenance.

Here at Powerpro, we have a team of engineers qualified to use advanced thermal imaging cameras to meet and exceed your requirements. We provide leading thermal imaging surveys and reports that allow us to detect leaks from water and gas pipes, electrical shortages and poor building economy.

Where expectations are already high, Powerpro provide an exceptional service that is non-invasive but extremely cost-efficient. Here’s how you can benefit from our thermal imaging cameras and surveys today!

Our certified thermographers, qualified up to Level 3, are available to perform survey work anywhere using the latest thermal imaging equipment available on the market, we use our expertise, experience and knowledge to help solve your problems by identifying the issues and delivering the correct and appropriate solutions in a timely, comprehensive and cost efficient manner.


We offer a nationwide service and we can provide you with the necessary Thermal Imaging Survey in a professional, prompt and cost efficient manner. Our service includes customizing and tailoring our survey work and reports to meet your specific requirements.

Applications of a Building Thermal Imaging Survey are many and include:  Detecting areas of heat loss from buildings investigating commercial installations and components

Ø  Water Leak detection including underfloor leaks

Ø  Air Leakage detection by identifying failed weather seal or an air pathway through plumbing or electrical service installations Malfunctioning heating system diagnosis

Ø  Moisture ingress & identifying traces of water invisible to the human eye

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