Energy Audit Services in Nigeria

Our auditors will give a clear understanding of energy consumption in your facility. Audits include a physical inspection of buildings and equipment. Depending on the level of detail required, audits may include a simple visual inspection or detailed measurements. We would give a report that details how and where energy is consumed more and how you can save more energy.

Usually, our energy audits will:

  • Breakdown energy usage and significant energy use by equipment/process

  • Benchmark energy performance against similar premises/processes

  • Provide an overview of supply and metering strategy

  • Analyze the building envelope, services and controls

  • Review of the energy management procedures, including maintenance

  • Identify energy and cost saving opportunities together with pay back periods of the investment needed to implement the energy saving measures

  • Prioritize no or low-cost opportunities to large capital investment opportunities and create action plans

Our energy audits identify business opportunities and help you implement cost-effective measures to reduce energy bills and GHG emissions. 

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