Earth ground testing service

Powerpro provide extensive earth ground testing as part of our Electrical Testing and measurement service. Our robust partnership with Fluke makes our engineers well trained in carrying out earth ground testing service with the use of Fluke 1623–2 kit.

It is critical for facilities to have grounded electrical systems, so that in the event of a lightning strike or utility over voltage, current will find a safe path to earth. To ensure a reliable connection to earth, the International Electrical Testing Association specifies ground electrode testing every three years.

Ground test is the verification that resistance between your grounding system and earth meets the standard specification. Poor grounding not only increases the risk of equipment failure; it is dangerous. Facilities need to have adequately grounded electrical systems so in the event of a lightning strike, or utility overvoltage, current will find a safe path to earth.


Basic tests that we conduct are as follows:

Ø  Soil Resistivity Testing

Ø  Fall-Of-Potential Test

Ø  Ground Impedance Measurements

Ø  Selective Measurement Testing

Ø  Clamp-On Testing

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