Insulating oil testing


Precise and reliable measurement results

Insulating materials are the potion of electrical equipment. These materials lose their insulating and cooling properties due to impurities and ageing. This damages equipment, causes failures and is consequently often accompanied by high costs.

Testing of insulating materials is therefore legally stipulated and regulated by national and international standards. BAUR oil and insulating material testers are characterised by quality levels recognised worldwide that have direct and indirect effects:

  • Precision, reliability and scope of measurement results
  • Reduction of test expenditure and costs
  • High degree of individualisation and user-friendliness
  • Long device service life

This allows us to make complex technologies against the similarly complex background of standards, easy, safe and profitable for you.


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Cable testing and diagnostics


To ensure the flow


The BAUR portfolio covers all the important requirements of mains operators with regard to testing and diagnostics technology in the medium voltage range.

Testing devices are required for successful commissioning of underground cable networks or repairs. Diagnostic testing devices are used for evaluating the cable status, which enables optimised and anticipatory maintenance planning and thus minimises failures. This planning is best established with the BAUR diagnostics system.

With truesinus® digital technology BAUR offers the most modern technology for generating voltage with VLF (Very Low Frequency 0.1 Hz) and thus enables the least destructive testing and diagnostics of modern medium-voltage cables in compliance with the standards.


But even for older cable designs, e.g. paper-insulated mass-impregnated cables, BAUR offers ideal devices for DC voltage testing.


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Cable fault location


The shortcut to the source of a fault


In spite of major developments in this field, faults still occur frequently in cable systems for various reasons. In addition to trained personnel, you also need very efficient equipment to rectify faults.

BAUR cable fault location devices and systems cover the entire cable fault location process: During pre-location, the position of the fault is roughly located. The subsequent pinpointing enables precise determination of the cable fault. You can use various measurement methods depending on the kind of fault and cable type.

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Cable test vans and systems


Equipped to meet all demands.


Precise cable fault location, testing of new and diagnostic testing of existing cable routes – the BAUR cable test vans are suitable for any operation. Fast and reliable. Exactly adapted to individual requirements and predefined vehicle systems.

BAUR conceptualises its cable test vans with the leading testing systems on the market. A special advantage of these systems is the ability to perform diagnostic testing, fault location and tests simultaneously. You also save on additional, time-consuming tasks.

Baur systems can be ...

  • operated easily and uniformly in the respective language of the country,
  • installed in any small van up to 3.5 t,
  • upgraded anytime according to your company requirements.

Baur systems are ...

  • fully enclosed and thus safe to touch,
  • absolutely reliable due to the redundant system architecture,
  • cost and time saving in compliance with the standards.


Baur cable test vans and systems are equipped with the most advanced technology for easy, gentle and highly diagnostic cable testing and diagnostics: truesinus® digital technology from BAUR.


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