Unleash the Profound Potential of Analog with HART I/O Integration

Unleash the Profound Potential of Analog with HART I/O Integration

Analog + HART I/O modules are engineered to maximize system performance by integrating real-time HART data acquisition with standard analog acquisition and control.

In today's world of automation and process control, data is a critical asset. Accessing meaningful information from your field devices is essential for optimizing system performance and making informed decisions. One technology that has transformed the way that we communicate with smart devices is the HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) Protocol. In this blog post, we'll delve into how Analog + HART I/O can elevate your automation system by providing real-time HART data acquisition alongside standard analog control—all while remaining cost-effective.

The HART Protocol: A Universal Standard

HART is the pre-eminent technology for configuring, monitoring and maintaining smart field instruments.  Of the available options for field instrument connectivity, HART is by far the simplest and most straightforward to install and maintain. With millions of nodes being installed every year, your choice of HART I/O modules will be a great one.

Analog + HART I/O: Optimizing System Performance

Analog + HART I/O modules are engineered to maximize your system's performance by seamlessly integrating real-time HART data acquisition with standard analog acquisition and control. This potent combination is not only highly effective but also budget-friendly, making it an ideal choice for process applications where flexibility and cost-effectiveness are paramount.

One of the standout features of Analog + HART I/O is its ability to provide enhanced device diagnostics. These modules will complement your control strategy by promptly alerting operators to device malfunctions. Offering user-selectable features such as range types, process alarms, time stamping, and filter frequencies, Analog + HART I/O is flexible while being mindful of cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the data acquired can lay the foundation for management of your assets.

Seamless Integration with Asset Management Software

Efficient device management can begin with integration of asset management software into your control system. You have two options for this integration:

    1. FDT/DTM Framework: If your asset management application supports the FDT/DTM framework, you can leverage the Spectrum Controls DTM library to access smart instruments connected to our HART enabled I/O modules. These DTMs are readily available for download from www.spectrumcontrols.com

, along with installation instructions.


    2. CONNECTS Application Software: For applications that do not support FDT, Spectrum Controls offers the CONNECTS application software. CONNECTS acts as an intermediary between the asset management application and the HART I/O on ControlLogix®, CompactLogix™, Flex and POINT I/O™, delivering smooth communication by translating commands seamlessly.

Benefits of Spectrum Controls HART I/O

Integrating Spectrum Controls HART I/O into your automation system offers a multitude of advantages:

    1. Streamlined Commissioning: Verify and document device configuration and calibration efficiently, delivering the integrity of wiring and control loop functionality—all from a centralized location.

    2. Enhanced Operation: Access multivariable instruments and dramatically increase the amount of real-time data available to you. For example, a mass flow meter can measure multiple parameters, and Analog + HART I/O can capture all this data. For valves, it provides real-time valve position, cycle count, and status without the need for extra wiring.

    3. Proactive Maintenance: An integrated network streamlines scheduling, reducing downtime. Electronic system backups enable rapid recovery in case of failure, and historical data aids in identifying trends and assessing instrument reliability.

Key Features of Analog + HART I/O

Now, let's take a closer look at offerings from Spectrum Controls for two of Rockwell Automation®’s I/O platforms:

1734 POINT I/O™ Analog+HART input/output Modules:

  • Ideal for process applications.
  • Leverages the power of existing HART field instruments.
  • Provides standard analog data while allowing bidirectional HART communication.
  • DTM and CONNECTS support for interfacing with asset management software.

1769 CompactLogix™ Isolated Analog+HART input/output Modules:

  • Features four channels of channel-to-channel isolated Analog+HART input/output.
  • Provides real-time analog and HART data without additional wiring.
  • Full channel-to-channel isolation.
  • Compatible with CompactLogix™ and MicroLogix™ 1500.

Better Together

As a 30-year Rockwell Automation® Technology Partner, we have created a wide array of products compatible with many of their products.  In addition to Analog + HART I/O, Spectrum Controls offers I/O solutions on ten Rockwell Automation® platforms, including 15 modules for Micro800™ and two modules for the new Compact 5000™ I/O system. These products are designed to cater to diverse automation needs, providing flexibility and efficiency to meet various application requirements.

Embrace the Power of HART Instrument Integration

Analog + HART I/O is a game-changer in the world of automation and process control. By seamlessly combining real-time instrument data acquisition with analog control, it unlocks new possibilities for enhanced device diagnostics and efficient system performance. With Spectrum Controls wide range of I/O products, you have access to an extensive number of modules to optimize your automation processes. Embrace the power of HART instrument integration and elevate your automation system to new heights with Spectrum Controls.