Snake Invasion - Safety tips for factories & our homes

The sad news of the Nigerian Air Force Officer that recently died in Abuja from a snake bite while in the restroom has been making rounds. People seem to have the same issue around them with snakes popping up in their kitchen sinks, bathroom and toilet. In fact, on social media its now tagged “snake invasion”

Snakes are usually looking for a cool place to rest which is why they look for damp bushes, toilets and bathrooms around.

We share these few tips on how to protect yourself from snakes in the restroom and factory area

Best option - Get the help of an exterminator and fumigate your surroundings periodically

Other options  

  1. Ensure you close all windows and peep holes that lead to your environments.
  2. Block all rat holes. The snakes are hungry and looking for food so they follow the rat trail.
  3. Cut the edges of trees that are close to windows and your house roof.
  4. Plant lemon grass, chili pepper and tobacco plant to chase snakes away
  5. Another simple home remedy is to get Sulphur, Vinegar, onion, garlic and put it in the surrounding.

What to do if bitten by a snake (As seen on Premium Times)

  1. Give analgesic for local pain which may be severe, and might be helpful for calming effects.
  2. The site of the bite should be wiped but not incised, because incisions can aggravate bleeding.
  3. Remove anything tight from around the bitten part of the body.
  4. Avoid traditional first aid methods, herbal medicines and other unproven or unsafe forms of first aid.
  5. Transport the person bitten to a health facility as soon as possible.
  6. Vomiting may occur, so place the person on their left side in the recovery position.
  7. Closely monitor airway and breathing and be ready to resuscitate if necessary.
  8. If the snake has been killed, it should be taken along to the hospital, in order to identify if it is poisonous or not and what kind of anti-poison is most appropriate.
  9. During transit, the body generally and the bitten limb, in particular, should be moved as little as possible, to minimize the spread of venom.


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