Implementing Safety Measures: Fundamental Ways to Communicate Messages in Your Company.

Communication is a process by which information or messages is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, behavior, or through some other medium. Good communication is critical to good health and safety. It is also one of the areas that many organizations fail to address properly when it comes to improving the companies safety standards. 

Effective communication is an integral part of achieving an injury-free workplace and effective safety communication is divided into four major kinds;

1. Interactive: it flows both ways. You speak about safety and you listen to employee’s concerns and suggestions.

2. Informative: it tells employees what they need to know to work safely under all conditions.

3. Productive: it allows you to interact successfully with employees and sprayed your safety message to all who need to hear it.

4. Positive: it focuses on the exchange of ideas and information to improve workplace safety and prevent accidents and illness.


Fundamental ways to communicate safety messages in your company

Post signage throughout the workplace – Place a sign where workers punch in, break rooms, around equipment, and any other high frequent areas. Use videos and other mediums to help reinforce standards or where extra PPE may be needed.

Send an Email/Newsletter – You ought to discuss routinely with your workers guaranteeing that they are kept up to date with news and information, and changes to safety techniques or conventions. Try having a monthly safety focus, or send out a ‘safety snippet’ with every paycheck.

Use videos and pictures – A picture is worth a thousand words. You need to be engaging your employees, and using visuals is the best way to do this. Try using images and videos to get the message across, and to demonstrate the correct procedure.

Routine safety checks - Managers should stroll in the vicinity consistently to do fall wellbeing checks. This will make it bound to spot unprotected dangers that should be gotten while paying special mind to representatives to ensure they're executing best practices. On the off chance that you see hazardous conduct, it should be remedied at that exact instant. It can't bear to pause.

Require appropriate training – Safety training should be a mandatory requirement for new employees and regular training sessions should be scheduled to refresh existing staff's skills and knowledge.

Hold regular meetings - To guarantee that everybody is getting the message, hold little gathering gatherings that are obligatory for all workers. Make Toolbox Talks a piece of the everyday schedule to survey and examine security norms.