Discover the Dangers of Counterfeited Tools and Equipment

It is often said that a bad workman always quarrels with his tool. The interpretation is that the workman has not perfected his craft so well that the usage of simple tools becomes problematic. But what about a good workman that finds himself in an unfortunate situation by using a bad tool? It is no less a problem when you are an expert working with counterfeited tools and equipment.

It is important to consider the inherent risks involved in the use of counterfeited tools. From health hazards to industrial accidents, the risk posed by selling and buying counterfeited tools is endless. These unsafe lookalikes can result in malfunctions that cause serious injuries including electrical shock, electrocution, and even death. Counterfeit electrical tools are also capable of causing fire outbreaks. Counterfeit electrical tools and equipment often lack independent testing and may not even meet minimal performance specifications. Many counterfeit products use inferior materials, without regard for any labeled ratings, certification, or customer safety. Instead, counterfeit product manufacturers rely on deception, the Internet, and prices below market level to find their way into our homes, businesses, and commercial and industrial facilities.

Unfortunately, undiscerning users are misled by its price value and ended up buying tools and machines that are below standard specifications. In most cases, the consumers do not know the difference between the original tools and counterfeited ones because of the similarity. While the appearance and packaging can be very convincing, the products themselves are often sub- standard and may represent a severe safety hazard, causing accidents and costing lives. From Electrical components such as Fluke equipment to professional work tools, automotive nothing is safe from counterfeiting. For inquiries about Powerpro Nigeria product ranges, visit  All products can be bought online and delivered to anywhere in Nigeria within 48-72 hours.