Allen Bradley Push Buttons Application

Push buttons are simple but important power control switches used on equipment and appliances. They can be made of metal or thermoplastic and help to offer users with easy and safe access. As the name implies, a push button is operated by pressing down on the button/actuator. When the springs are depressed, the contacts make contact with the stable contacts, allowing electrical current to flow. Continue reading to find out more about Allen Bradley's push buttons and how to choose the right ones for your facilities.

Special Benefits that Come from Using Push Buttons

For years, Allen Bradley has dedicated its research to developing newer and better push buttons, and now they come with better features and suit more applications. Their push buttons, such as Allen-Bradley 800G-F5 800G, are designed to match the fingers of users to make machine operations easy. Again, the buttons are small so that they can be fitted and work even in compact areas. Other benefits of using Allen Bradley push buttons include:

  • Due to their small size, they only occupy a small fraction of the main or machine switchboard.
  • Once installed, Allen Bradley push buttons like Allen-Bradley 800T-NGCY
     are very firm and easy to use.
  • Push buttons are quite cheaper in comparison to regular switches.
  • The buttons have a high resistance to high voltages. This is critical for lowering or eliminating short circuit risks.
  • Since they are firmly attached to the machine, switchboard, or wall, the buttons are more secure and will not be stolen easily.
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Common Applications of Push Buttons:

Due to the obvious expanding industrial processes, Allen Bradley's effort to build new push buttons could not have come at a better moment. Push buttons would work well in any facility that has an electric motor or a milling machine. Common applications for Allen Bradley push buttons include:

  • You can use the push buttons to control the warehouse loading racks
  • The buttons will come in handy for controlling the industrial conveyor belt systems.
  • They work excellently with industrial robots.
  • Go for top push buttons for sliding doors controls.

These are just a few of the applications for which push buttons can be used. You can even use the push buttons at home for applications.  A push button can come in handy if you have a home lathe machine for DIY projects, refrigerator, or other power equipment. 

How to Choose the Best Push Buttons

Allen Bradley offers a wide range of excellent push buttons, but how do you choose the right one for your facility? Here are some useful tips to consider:

  • It should be able to withstand high inrush currents without overheating.
  • Only purchase push buttons that have imprinted markings such as ON/OFF, LOW/HIGH, and so on.
  • When the circuit is active, the switch should have a pilot light to alert the user.
  • To reduce the risk of being stolen, go for a model that is well-made.
  • The push button should be waterproof if it will be used outside or in a harsh environment.

This post has presented Allen Bradley push buttons as crucial safety devices for controlling machinery or equipment in industrial facilities and at home.  They guarantee your staff's safety and reduce the risk of damage.  They guarantee your staff's safety and reduce the risk of damage, like the Allen-Bradley 800G-F1 800G