T 2000 Primary Current Injection Test Set

T 2000 Primary Current Injection Test Set

Vendor: ISA Altanova

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T 2000 is a portable current transformer test set which allows to perform many different measurements such as saturation, ratio and polarity tests and CT winding resistance test. Substation maintenance and commissioning test equipment, T 2000 is extremely appreciated by electrical engineers for its high accuracy and portability.

Current / Voltage Transformer
Main features
Multi function system for testing: current, voltage and power transformers
Current transformer excitation, ratio and polarity test set
Primary injection testing capabilities
3000 V AC high-pot test
Generates up to 800 A (option up to 4000A with high current booster)
Microhmmeter function (option) up to 400A DC
RS232 interface for pc connection
Test results and settings are saved into local memory
Compact and lightweight

Tests performed
CT ratio
CT ratio voltage mode
CT polarity
CT burden secondary side
CT excitation curve
CT knee voltage
CT winding resistance
Burden resistance
VT ratio
VT polarity
VT burden secondary side
PT ratio
PT winding resistance
CB operation time

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