T 1000 PLUS Secondary Injection Relay Test Set

T 1000 PLUS Secondary Injection Relay Test Set

Vendor: ISA Altanova

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T1000 PLUS is a protective relay test set especially designed to give the commissioning engineers a multitasking and highly reliable testing equipment.

Protective Relay
Main features
Multi-tasking test set designed for testing relays and transducers
Max current output: 250 A
Max AC voltage output: 250 V
Max DC voltage output: 300 V
Frequency generator: 15 ÷ 550 Hz
Phase angle shifter
Battery simulator 20 ÷ 260 V DC
Oscilloscope function for current and voltage
USB port - Microprocessor controller
Test results and settings saved into local memory
TD 1000 Plus model with two current outputs and high power at 15 Hz.

Tests performed
Distribution relays
Smart grid relays
Single phase relays
High burden relays

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