KIT Line Impedance

KIT Line Impedance

Vendor: ISA Altanova

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he Line impedance kit is composed of two modules, STLG and STSG. The kit is meant to be used with STS 5000, STS 4000 and eKAM in order to perform Line Impedance test.

Overhead Power Lines
During tests, STLG module is connected to the overhead line to be tested. This option allows performing both the measurement of: soil resistivity, ground grid resistance, step and touch tests and overhead lines zero sequence and mutual coupling coefficients. The purpose of the STSG optional device is to protect the operator against possible high voltage spikes.
STSG incorporates three voltage suppressors and one high current switch, to connect three lines in parallel.
This option applies to STS 5000 and 4000 models, in conjunction with STLG.

Line impedance

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