Global Monitoring For Power Transformer

Global Monitoring For Power Transformer

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ALTANOVA Global Transformer Monitoring System (TrafoNOVA) offers an integrated monitoring of a power transformer: from generic parameters monitoring to bushing, DGA and partial discharge. It is essential to monitor the operating conditions, insulation system, and the working conditions of all the components, to reduce the costs associated with a transformer’s life cycle and to guarantee the reliability and durability of the asset.

Power Transformer
Power Transformers are one of the most critical and expensive assets and take a very long time to be replaced or restored after a failure.
To monitor the health of the electrical asset, a Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) allows to detect potential sources of problems at a very early stage and to take the necessary countermeasures before irreversible and harmful events occur. ALTANOVA has developed a modular monitoring system to reduce costs associated to transformer’s life cycle and guarantee its reliability and durability. The Global Transformer Monitoring System (TrafoNOVA) is a configurable monitoring system that can be combined according to the customer requirements.

TrafoNOVA allows to monitor the following parameters:

Generic transformer parametres:

Line currents
Oil temperatures (bottom, top, cooling system)
Core and windings temperatures
Cooling system current consumption (fan and pumps)
Hot spot temperature according to IEC 60076-7
Loss of life

Bushing monitoring

Absolute Tan Delta (6 bushings HV & LV)
Relative Tan Delta
Bushing Capacitance measurement
Leakage current of each bushing
Tandelta degradation over time
The fast change in bushing capacitance
Measure the temperature of the bushing
Bushings currents and current imbalance
HV or LV Voltage (for TD calculation)


Detected gasses from 1 to 9(*), for instance:

Hydrogen (H2)
Oxygen (O2 )
Methane (CH4)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Ethylene (C2H4)
Ethane (C2H6)
Acetylene (C2H2)
Nitrogen (N2)
Oil Temperature
(*)Depending on DGA requested by customer.

Partial discharge monitoring:

Partial Discharge
PRPD Pattern
T/F - Map
Pulse shape
Localization on arrival time

An effective diagnosis emerging from smart Condition-Based Maintenance can have the following benefits:

Reduction of the probability of unplanned outage
Localization of the possible defect
Trending of the ageing process can be recorded

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