ALFA™ Online PD Testing

ALFA™ Online PD Testing

Vendor: ISA Altanova

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PD testing device for our Licence Partners
Get started immediately with PD testing.

The ALFATM has been developed for service departments or companies with limited skills in the field of interpretation of PD data. With little effort in training of your staff, you will shortly be able to take PD measurements on your customers assets. With the data sent to our specialists you will receive a comprehensive analysis in return.

Like its big brother AQUILATM, the alfaTM has been expressly designed to respond to all requests for a robust and compact portable all-in-one PD testing device for all assets like transformer (HV & MV), cable (HV & MV), rotating machines (generators and motors) as well as switchgear (air- or gas-insulated)

Rotating MachinesGisHigh Voltage CablesMedium Voltage CablesMedium and Low Voltage SwitchgearPower Transformer
One for All: one device for all assets like cables, transformers, rotating machines and switchgears
Innovative instrument for Partial Discharge recording
Ultra Wide Band, fast integrated processing capability
Compact PD Pulse detector
Multiple Connectivity (Wi-Fi, Fiber Optics)
Automatic PD Data acquisition procedure, simple & user-friendly, no expertise needed.

The design of ALFA is influenced by many years of field experience. It can cope with the toughest outdoor conditions while taking measurements on any electrical asset. The batterypowered unit allows testing activities for up to 20 hours without auxiliary power available. The setup of the unit is simple and fast allowing for taking measurements within minutes.

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